Dear parents and patients,
in this emotional Corona-pandemic time (SARS-COV2 / Covid19)
we would like to inform you that your pediatric dental office KAMILLA
is still open.
We are following the recommendations by the German ministery of health
and the Robert-Koch-Institute.
Our hygiene and work processes are regularly checked for infection protection
and security, enabling us to offer highest standards of security in dental treatment.

Our office hours continue as before.

We are available unrestrectedly via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We read your messages twice daily and reply promptly.
Should you have questions about the appointment, want to cancel an
appointment or should you feel unsure about visiting us presently,
please feel free to send us an email for clarification or give us a call:

What can you do as a companion?
Please, come to our office ONLY when you are absolutely free of Corona-symtoms
(in particular temperature and cough).
Families having had contact with Corona-patients we ask to STAY HOME.
Should you have been in areas of risk during the past two weeks, please let us know
by all means PRIOR to your visit in our office.

Children should walk alone to the treatment room.
If possible, companions should wait outside the office or at least stay within
the separated sitting facilities in the waiting area.

Appointments are to be be kept on time in order to make sure that 
everything works smoothly and thus crowding in the waiting area can be avoided. 


By using a laser the adneural removal of caries is possible
WITHOUT syringe and WITHOUT pain.

An energetic light beam of a particular wave length is shot
on the tissues resp. the tooth enamel in extremely short
sequences (pulsed).
The thermal effect caused in the affected area is hardly felt by the patient and
the desired outcome is achieved with pinpoint accuracy.

This treatment is secure and gentle, it is suitable for small patients
from 4 years on.

Laser treatment is an elective, not or only partly refunded by statutory health
insurances. Private health insurance companies usually cover the costs of
laser treament.

Appointments by arrangement only !


A WARM WELCOME to our English-speaking patients

at KAMILLA, the special dental surgery for children and youth in Mainz



Up-to-date Laser-dentistry at KAMILLA
Caries removal with Laser - precise and gentle.
More info


Dear parents, following the link below will provide you info about how 'Corona' is dealt with in our office.
                                                                                                                                                              Parent-Info: Corona

 For children and youth aged up to 18 years we offer a multitude of treatment options.

Already at first appointment and after thorough diagnosis we consult parents extensively,
ranging from advice on milk tooth-prophylaxis already during pregnancy, nutritional consultation,
saliva test for an early diagnosis of caries and a professional tooth cleaning intended for children
up to instruction on tooth brushing as well as dummy - and sucking - weaning.
Tooth filling therapy, child adequate tooth removal and creation of place-keepers are included
in our treatment program, too.

For scared and frightened patients we offer special relaxation methods such as therapeutic wizardry
and hypnosis, additionally aids like "giggling air" (=narkosis) and other sedative medicaments.

Opening hours: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Locate our surgery:                                                    

Appointments by phone or eMail 

06131 - 22 22 93

send us a request for appointment
by eMail:
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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A German-speaking Dental Emergency Service
for Mainz-City is available under the phone-no.
-at weekends
-on bank holidays
-on "bridge days" before and after weekends
       (i.e. Fr resp. Mo)

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