DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS                                                   
FOR PREGNANT WOMEN                                                         


Congratulations, you are pregnant and from now on eat & think for two!

Nine months of intensive togetherness begin.
The first gifts for a good start are obtained.
Give yourself and your sweetheart a healthy smile already during your pregnancy.

What is the secret?
Bacteria never go on vacation, yet fruit, vegetable, milk and yoghurt keep your teeth strong!
Get early information about an environmentally aware and balanced nutrition and care for an outstanding personal oral hygiene.

Do you know about the importance of the tiny germs in your mouth cavity?
The hormone switch makes you more susceptible to inflations, causing parodontosis, pregnancy diabetes, pneumonia etc.
If not treated these germs will spread across the bloodstream to your child as well and increase the danger of premature birth, too low weight of baby at birth etc.

Caries and parodontosis are bacterial infections
affecting not only the mouth cavity, but the growth of the unborn child
and its immune system can be damaged as well.
Infections can in part even reach the child via the umbilical cord.

How can you foster the development of healthy teeth for your child?
Learn early enough...
      - that you as the mother are the principal source of germ
        transmission to your unborn child.

      - that germs never go on vacation
      - how you can bring them under control
      - how these germs already spread themselves via the umbilical
        cord and thus cause the first hole in the milk tooth itself –
without you ever having wanted it!      
      - how important the proper preparation of baby food is
        in order to see your little sportsman or your little explorer-girl
        grow up soundly. 

See your US-American health insurance terms for their possible support during pregnancy.              
German health insurance companies grant support to pregnant women from week 12 on, and
KAMILLA the child and youth dental surgery is on your side wholeheartedly …..
and we are sure you know:

*Children with good teeth show a happy smile*


KAMILLA child and youth dental surgery invites you to take part in our program for best possible care:

1st appointment: months 1-3 / weeks 12-16 of pregnancy
Check, nutritional advice, saliva test, information on oral hygiene, and full mouth disinfection
2nd appointment: months 6-9 / weeks 28 – 32 of pregnancy:
Information on oral hygiene, full mouth disinfection, information on the development of childlike mouth flora /oral flora?? and its initial care.
3rd appointment: child’s age months 0-3
Full mouth desinfection of mother an d information on handling of drinking, breastfeeding
and dummy usage.
First care, and providing mouth mirror and dental child care plus check booklet offering valuable advice.



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