Is the process in little steps, a 3-step-method:

1)Telling   2) Showing   3) Doing


Tell-Phase: The age-related illustration of the treatment is done in ‘child-language’.

Show-Phase: The intended way of proceeding is shown with the help of the child’s finger and a doll, at the same time supported by an explanation of what is going to happen.

Do-Phase: The beforehand illustrated treatment is carried out in the child’s mouth, e.g. polishing the teeth.


Desenitisation is a wonderful opportunity
to get the children acquainted in a playful way with the environment of the surgery, the dental devices and their noises. The children win confidence and gather positive experience in the environment of the dental surgery.

During desesnitisation our way of conversing with the child has been adapted to the age, i.e., emotionally loaded or negative words are avoided.

Your child is helped at each single step:
The first step (=Show-Phase) is joint exercise
The second step (=Do-Phase) is carrying out together everything shown in first step.

During the treatment we ask the parents to remain quiet
in order to enable your child to pay their full attention to us and to benefit best from this way of proceeding.

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