Emergency /

Accident and Injuries to the Teeth


For urgent dental care on weekends (Fr, 3 p.m. through Mo, 8 a.m.)
and on bank holidays
contact the out-of-hours dental services for the Mainz area available to you by phone:
phone: 01805-666 160 (you will be automatically redirected to the dentist on duty)

or refer to: www.zahnarzt-notdienst.de/notdienst/0/mainz-06131.php (in German)

Practical help for patients in case of a dental emergency:
In case of an accident involving your child’s teeth, most often the functional and aesthetically important region of the front teeth is affected.

It is important for you to know:
Accidents with milk teeth happen mainly between the age of 24 to 36 months, but the more serious ones,those involving permanent teeth predominantly happen all through childhood and adolescence, especially at varsity sports or for instance by falling from a bicycle.
Up to the age of 16 roughly 25% of all children suffer from a dental accident with visible results.
Wounds and bruises in the face can indicate a forceful blow to the region as well as hint at fractures of the lower jaw bone. In these instances a possible injury to jawbone needs to be investigated by appropriate x-ray studies in a timely manner.

Due to the ongoing growth of the teeth and facial bones the treatment of such injuries may be challenging and very complex in children. A permanent reconstruction or a replacement of injured teeth is sometimes over a period of several years.
Top priority is setting optimal conditions for a best possible care after the end of tooth growth.
Children having had an accident must be treated immediately.
Priority to an immediate dental care is given only to heavy general medical problems, such as a head laceration.
Professional dental care should be initiated as soon as possible after injuries with a higher priority such as lacerations, fractured bones or even major trauma have been assessed in a emergency care setting.

In almost all circumstances First Aid for the tooth consists of the use of
a “tooth rescue box” (available in pharmacies), a special device containing a nutrient solution.




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