makes dental treatment easier for children!

Hypnosis is a state of deep physical relaxation. It is part of each of our treatmernts.
Hypnosis generates a common reality being used as target of the dental treatment of your child.
Hereby your child develops and finds self-supporting methods.
The result is well-being during the dental treatment session and the appreciation of one’s own independent achievement.

Hypnosis is a voluntary process your child follows with pleasure!

While under Hypnosis only that can be reinforced which your child wants itself – like a magnifying glass can only magnify what is lying under it.

Your child keeps control at every instant of the treatment.
Stop-signs are agreed upon. Hypnosis can be experienced with eyes open as well as shut.

While your child is under hypnosis – please, be quiet and avoid any active intervention into the treatment process.
A secure sign of your child’s deep physical relaxation e.g. are its flying hands.

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