in the head-neck-region (acc. to Dr. Vodder)

Lymphatic drainage fosters the development of the width of the upper jaw und provides more energy.

Nasal respiration
When breathing generally the air moves through the nose, via the upper jaw bone into the throat and finally into the lungs. Caused by this air stream the tongue is sucked to the gums and thus positively fosters the growth of width of the upper jaw in order to make sufficient room for the teeth and that they can grow uprightly.

Mouth respiration
Dummy sucking resp. thumb- or finger-sucking beyond the age of three results in a slackness of the oral muscular system and in mouth respiration. Too large tonsils and adenoids cause reduced nasal respiration and increased mouth respiration.
When respiring through the mouth, air moves directly into the throat and cannot assist the jaw growing.
The upper jaw remains small and narrow and there is insufficient room for the teeth – they do not become straight. It results in lisping, an increased number of infections of the head-/ throat-region and teeth jeopardized by dental accidents.

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