Your child’s first appointment in our surgery is decisive as mutual coming to know and the creation of confidence is in first place. Each child decides about their personal pace in doing so. Our staff is prepared for that, but you should consider it as well and not expect too much from your child.

It is important for you to know that never any pressure is exerted as it is of high importance to us developing the child’s cooperation.

You will certainly know that many adult persons associate the visit to the dentist’s with fear shaped by their own bad experience. Children with their particular sensitivity feel this anxiety and uncertainty and thus their behavior is coined. Therefore it is of major importance how you talk to your child about the dentist and the dental treatment, in order to make your child relax und develop confidence the proceedings of the treatment.

Talk to your child about the impending dentist appointment in positive words – in a way as if it was something ordinary:
“At the dentist’s the teeth are only looked at and counted.”

Should your child already look back on negative experiences with a treatment, you may explain the matter as follows:
“At Kamilla’s there is a joint consideration on how there is an easy way to make your teeth healthy again.”
“At Kamilla’s they have magic air and a magic juice giving you a light and happy feeling.”

At the end od the first dentist appointment
we create an individual treatment concept based on the child’s anamneses and his/her medical results which we will talk over in detail with you.

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